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July 2020



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The Company

Joanna Griffiths launched Knix with the goal of transforming an underwear market that had too much frill and not enough function. A trailblazer with the creation of Leakproof Underwear, she continues to focus on listening to what people want and bringing revolutionary solutions to life.

Knix wanted to increase generic organic sales and grow its company exponentially across all categories, including leakproof underwear, incontinence underwear, bras, and more. They relied heavily on paid search and social for the majority of their sales, and generic organic search was contributing a very nominal amount to their revenue targets.

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Knix's Challenges

  • Organic rankings across TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU keywords were dominated by numerous competitors and publishers with extremely high-authority websites
  • SEO did not influence naming conventions of Knix products—this meant that there was a fundamental delta between the problems people were searching and Knix’s solutions
  • Knix had an existing blog, but there was no overarching content strategy, and SEO played no role in content ideation or creation
  • At times, what Knix stood for in terms of inclusivity and body positivity and the language that necessitated, were in conflict with what search engines ‘expected’ for particular keywords
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Their Objectives

  • Increase generic organic revenue and rely less on paid media
  • Increase brand awareness via top-of-funnel articles
  • Increase domain authority and trustworthiness
  • Provide an SEO and content centre of excellence that would operate as an extension of their in-house team
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Our Approach

  • Identify keywords and competitors across different stages of the funnel, and create  authoritative and engaging content utilizing TF-IDF while staying true to the brand voice, mission, and vision:
    • Compete for ranking TOFU keywords against authoritative medical websites by creating medically reviewed content that makes the subject more digestible 
    • Compete for ranking MOFU keywords against affiliate websites with a library of strong content
    • Compete for ranking BOFU keywords against direct business competitors, by optimizing existing product pages and creating supporting TOFU content
  • Reconcile Knix’s disruptor brand positioning with the demands of search engines by disrupting the SERP with a new approach to these topics, creating a win/win of addressing high-volume keywords without compromising on what Knix stands for
  • Continually optimize and uplevel performing content to defend and improve ranking and provide readers with more value
  • Ongoing mentorship and training of in-house teams across all of marketing
  • Constantly monitoring this evolving category, as new competitors launch and challenge Knix’s lead
We knew exactly what to do when Knix first came to us. A disruptor brand making a name for designing absorbent period underwear should also be known for being an expert in understanding the experience of menstruation and what individuals who menstruate want from period underwear.

With that goal in mind, we created a resource hub - a collection of well-informed and medically reviewed articles - to rank for keywords most commonly asked on Google. Even in this day and age, there can be stigma and disinformation when it comes to menstrual health, so SEO was the ideal distribution channel to provide readers with accessible, friendly, and frank information.

We prioritized keywords based on SEM queries that are driving the most revenue. “Why am I spotting 1 week after my period?” among 200 other articles that launched initially to cover these evergreen topics. 

The second piece of the puzzle was to introduce ‘micro-conversions’ into SEO content to nurture content visitors through a buying journey. Because period underwear is a new product disrupting the menstruation category, our content also needed to introduce, educate, and encourage readers to switch from traditional period products. 

Internal links, Call-to-Actions, product carousels—we made sure our articles tied back to the brand and, most importantly, their products in a way that built familiarity and trust with readers, removing barriers to trying a new product in a category with many established traditional disposable products.

As Knix expanded into new categories in subsequent years, we repeated the same approach with products including wireless bras, anti-thigh-chafing shorts, shapewear, leakproof swimwear, and more.

Years after the initial launch, we continue to optimize and uplevel the top-performing content to defend and improve ranking and provide readers with more value. This includes preparing seasonal content to maximize ranking potential and drive traffic.

After five years of working with Knix, we continue to act as an extension of their in-house marketing team, leading their SEO and content efforts. Our ongoing partnership involves a combination of mentorship, strategic guidance, key deliverables, and content production. 
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in “Can Sex Change Your Period” and “Incontinence Underwear”