Building Content Clusters to Grow Traffic by 163%




London, UK


February, 2022

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top-arrow 163.68%

Increase in Traffic

top-arrow 34.39%

Increase in Revenue

The Company

Founded by Luke Smoothy, Get It Made is a UK-based manufacturing solutions provider that offers a range of services, from CNC Machining to various manufacturing processes. With strong relationships with manufacturers worldwide, Get It Made ensures high standards and fast turnaround times.


Before Get It Made reached out to us, they already recognized the value of SEO as a relatively inexpensive traffic driver. With organic traffic growing steadily throughout 2021 to 2022, they wanted to supercharge the efforts by hiring a dedicated SEO agency.


Their Challenges

  • A disorganized content structure that didn't guide visitors through different stages of their journey, from learning about CNC machining (TOFU) to considering specific service offerings (MOFU) and ultimately making a decision (BOFU).
  • The original site architecture and interlinking wasn’t conducive to geo specific searches

Their Objectives

  • Increase generic organic revenue
  • Increase online quote volume 
  • Retain and grow existing traffic after site migration

Our Approach

  • Strategize and build out the site’s content offering into a clear TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU funnel
  • Optimize BOFU pages, including local-level landing pages.
  • Clustered content and reworked internal linking to maximize ranking potential and improve the conversion funnel for the service offerings pages

As a small business owner, Luke cared immensely for his business and clientele. The least we could do is match him in dedication. 

CNC milling and 3D printing are niche but specialized topics. We knew from the beginning that we needed to define its audience clearly and provide value to readers who do end up reading the articles.

Through clustering, we were able to implement internal links strategically, connecting related content pieces and guiding users through a cohesive journey that not only informed but also inspired action. By optimizing the site's structure and content flow, we aimed to maximize ranking potential and improve the conversion funnel for Get It Made's service offerings pages.